Academic muscle is a health and wellness blog that documents my attempt to live an active lifestyle while pursing a PhD in Anthropology in NYC. I created this site for three reasons: 1) to hold myself accountable for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while in graduate school;  2) I noticed that a lot of women academics of color in the health and wellness industry talk about their life after graduation, so I wanted to document my journey while on the path to degree;  3) to be a resource for students and anyone else who finds themselves short on time, space, and/or money;

Academia lends itself to long stints of being sedentary while reading and writing, and that just doesn’t work for me.  I love being active, so I’m equally challenged and determined to find ways to make fitness a part of my lifestyle.  I see focusing on my health as a form of necessary self-care when academia can be a very violent and tumultuous environment.  Maintaining my overall health and not just focusing on the life of the mind is a true marker of success for me.  I want to be a person of sound body and mind when I cross the stage for graduation.

Because being smart and strong aren’t mutually exclusive, I choose to be both.



Photo credit: momentswithmo17