Grocery Haul: March 2019

Grand total: $36.38

You might notice that my total this month is about a third of what it usually is. That’s because my goal right now is to use up whatever food I have since I’m leaving for fieldwork later this month (insert ugly tears). I have a bunch of random things left like tuna, string beans and lentils.  Thus, I have to get a little creative and don’t have as much freedom as I’d like. Since my shopping list is a bit limited this time around, I thought that I would highlight my TJ staples that are always on my shopping list no matter the occasion. Surely, I’m a creature of habit because I have yet to get tired of these items.

Basil Pesto—What can I say about this stuff? This little jar has a big place in my heart. I’ve found that I can use it as a sauce to go with the TJ pre-made stuffed shell pasta or even as a marinade for ground turkey. I have both of these things in the freezer right now, so this pesto will definitely be put to use in the next few days.

Raw Almonds—Honestly, I usually buy two packs of these every time I go to TJ’s. For this price, it really can’t be beat, and they’re of course a great source of protein. I’m a snacker, what can I say?

Dried Mango Slices–These fill the ‘treat yo self’ category for me because I absolutely love mangos. I would opt for the spicy version, but those have added sugar, which I’m not too fond of.

Just Mango Slices - product in packaging
more info here

Do you all have any staples that you always get when you go to the grocery store? If so, what are they? How do you stop from getting bored?

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