Grocery Haul: January 2019

Grand Total: $80.77

Quite honestly, with finals, grading and vacation, my grocery shopping got all out of wack.  I did a lot of eating out, snacking, making multiple random trips to the grocery story but not coming out with anything I could turn into a meal etc…… Somehow, I managed to make it to Winter Break.  Now that it’s January, and the only commitment I have is to study for my qualifying exam (46 days away), I can make grocery shopping and meal prep more of a priority.  No new resolutions, I’m just trying to get back to being consistent.  To do that and to maximize my time, my thought process before hitting the store was to plan for meals that would be quick no brainers (pasta, stuffed peppers, turkey burgers, etc) and snacks of course so that I could focus my energies on reading.

As much as I love TJ, I want to use this grocery haul as a reminder of something never to buy again, Winter Wake Up Tea.

I drink a lot of tea.  It keeps me company and calms my nerves while studying, so I was excited to try this new flavor based on the description. It’s said to be “a spicy Black tea blend with cinnamon and ginger”–seemingly all good things.  TJ already has some great flavors that I love like Harvest spice, ginger pear, mango black tea, so I had no reason to doubt that this would be any different.  This taste like dishwater.  I’m sure it could be doctored up with a lot of milk, sweetener, etc, but ain’t no body got time for that. It was only about three dollars, so I’m not out of too much money, but I’m disappointed.  In short, Winter Wake Up should go back to bed.

Here’s my first meal prep of the year!  I made the bbq chicken wings in the air fryer, and they came out pretty good!  As sides I made green beans and quinoa pesto.

How are you all doing in the new year?  Have you gone grocery shopping yet? Any new food related commitments that you’re making to yourself?

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