2018 Holiday Wish List

2018 holiday wish list


I buy myself stuff all of the time, so this is just me being extra.

1. Book Light

I’m finally being diligent about reading for my qualifying exam, so this new gadget would make reading more convenient for me.  As someone who loves dim lighting and who often finds herself reading in near darkness because “it’s a mood,” I feel like getting  a reading lamp would be a good compromise.  They’re also pretty cheap!

2. Personal Training Session 

I really want to start lifting, but I’m a little loss at how to start.  There’s a bunch of stuff online, but I’d much prefer to talk to a real person.  Also, at my YMCA one hour is $85 and that’s just crazy.  I’d just like to have a few training sessions for someone to tell ensure that my movements are right and give me a regimen for my personal goals.

several rogue gym plates
Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com

3. Apple Airpods

When I start weight lifting, I just imagine that this would make my life easier. I’m still not sure how they actually stay in people’s ears, and I’m pretty sure that I’d lose one, I want to at least give them a try. For $160 though, this will only be getting these if they are gifted.

4. Baracoon: The Story of the Last “Black Cargo”

There was so much hype when this book was published a few months ago, and I just couldn’t hop on the train because I had no time to read it.  As a black woman anthropologist this is kind of a must read.


5. B2K reunion tour tickets

They haven’t gone on sale yet, so they technically can’t count for 2018, but I’m putting it in the atmosphere now.  I do not watch love and hip-hop, so for the most part, all the members of B2k are the same people they were when Pandemonium came out and that’s how I’d like to remember them.  I distinctly remember when I heard that they broke up.  I was really looking forward to seeing Raz-B(ae), so I need to make up for the concert that never happened. I’m also looking forward to seeing Bobby Valentino and Mario.


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