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Black Girl Does Grad School
Black Girl Does Grad School is an online blog/webmagazine which provides strong content by and for Black women in pursuit of advanced degrees. The goal is to promote transparency about the process of completing an advanced degree while also lifting as we climb by providing resources, how-to guides, and personal accounts of our experiences. 

For whatever reason, I have a passion for writing about hair.  My first ethnographic project was about black hair politics in Latin America and recently I took time to reflect on my relationship to my hair during graduate school.  In celebration of my locs turning three years old, I wrote a post that was featured on Black Girl Does Grad School.  Here’s an excerpt.

On November 17th, 2018 my locs turn three years old. Yes, I plan on throwing a party or at least getting my hair done. It’s been a journey worth celebrating. Until this point, my relationship with my hair has ranged any where from indifferent to antagonistic. Growing up, I was teased for having ‘Oprah Winfrey’ hair. Hairstylists often described my mane as thick, coarse and one even likened doing my hair to “performing surgery.” I started getting relaxers in high school, but I was never really happy with that either—it was convenient, but my hair was always limp and lifeless. I went completely natural my junior year of college after spending three months in Cuba for a study abroad program. I was liberated from the ‘creamy crack’, but being a loose natural had it’s own set of challenges. For four years, I struggled to find the right products, tools and styles to suit my 4c hair. I poured over Curly Nikki blog forums and various YouTube channels like Napptural85 hoping that something would be the magic fix. I spent most of that time being frustrated with my hair and myself, and yet, I persisted.

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