I tried it: Açaí Bowls

I’m leaving for fieldwork in approximately 5 months.  I’m EXTREMELY grateful (and still genuinely surprised, blessed, mystified, etc) to have received the very first dissertation grant that I applied for typos and all.  No matter how many people try to tell me that my nervousness is just excitement in disguise, I beg to differ.  I’m going to miss NYC, the people, the ease of transportation, the non-stop entertainment, and I’m not only talking about the kind that you have to buy a ticket for.  I finally feel like I’ve made a home for myself here, and now I have to leave.

I’m sure this will make me sound extremely privileged, ethnocentric, [insert any pejorative term anthropology strives to work against] but I’m really concerned about what I’m going to eat.  My field-site is not a food paradise, paradise in many ways, but definitely not when it comes to food.  I know that people live there just fine, but I’d being lying if I said I wasn’t already planning how I could set up a system for my friends to drop off protein powder and almonds when they come to visit me.

With that said, in an attempt to make the most of my time in the city, I’ve created a food bucket list to avail myself of all the abundant food options that the city has to offer.  Studying for comps is lonely, boring and a side of boring, so finding ways to turn the mundane into something exciting is my current strategy.

Up first was an açaí bowl.  I know I’m late to the game, but it’s always been on my list of things to try.


The good: It tasted really good.  I ordered the ‘Tropical Blunder’, which consisted of granola, mango, kiwi coconut and of course açaí .  It was thicker than I thought it’d be.

The bad: This is essentially a smoothy in a bowl, served with a spoon instead of a straw. I knew this going in, but somehow I thought it’d be different. I felt some kind of way about paying nearly $10.  I know that açaí is supposed to be healthy for you but–this purchase hurt my heart a little.

The verdict: I’m glad I tried it and that I can check it off the list, but I won’t be missing this.

Have you all had açaí bowls before?  Did you have a better experience? Were my expectations too high? Let me know.

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  1. Oh you should have the Brazilian açai, it’s AMAZING. Some have condensed milk with, makes it more tasty and those fresh fruits. But yeah, if you really want a good one, fresh açai is the best. I guess the one you had is made by pulver. It’s definitely not the same 🙂

  2. Of course, i also think that açai is the kind of desert that needs time to like it; the more often you eat it the tastier it becomes. Its like with sushi, it’s not so good first or second time but after some time it becomes a favorite.

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