Because every blog needs a soundtrack

If Academic Muscle had a playlist, these songs would definitely be on it.  This post is inspired by fellow blogger Twisted Crown who shared a sneak peak of her yoga playlist.

1. Lalah Hathaway–Breathe

I love her.  I often forget how important it is to just breath, so I have to be intentional about it with meditation and this song. Starting grad school just as much as starting this blog were an act of faith.

But I gotta believe /
That this ain’t the end of the road /
This is all a dream until you believe /
And you gotta know the stories still to be told /
Just breathe, remember to breathe /

2. David Banner-Play (the edited version)

I’m southern, and this song gets me hype. That is all.

3. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys–New York

I’m pretty sure the irony is not lost that I moved to New York knowing absolutely five people and slept on a friend of a friend’s couch for two weeks eating dollar pizza before finding a place to live.  I remember walking through Harlem with a broker (first mistake) when he told me I needed a guarantor who made at least $80,000–I literally knew no one who fit the criteria.  He said to me “don’t worry, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”  Four years later, I’m still here.

4.  Mary Mary–Go Get It

Essentially, this song always reminds me that there is more to be done and that the universe will make space for my gifts and talents.

5. Solange–Cranes in the Sky

In no particular order—I tried to dance it away. I tried to change it with my hair.  I tried to work it away. I read it away.  I tried to run it away. 

Metal clouds. Glass ceilings. Ivory towers. You don’t have to be in graduate school in order to be looking for ways to make it through the day to day grind.

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