Embracing Plan B

This week has been a lesson in going with the flow and finding the blessing in unfulfilled plans. My fitness instructor and my accountability partner are both 100% MIA.

It seems that the instructor for my favorite workout class is on an extended vacation–she deserves it–so she’s been out for all of her Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes. It’s because of her that waking up at 6:20 am during the week and dragging myself to the YMCA feels worth it.  This is why when I walked into class and saw a guest instructors all week my heart sunk a little bit and my dumbbells felt a little heavier.  Luckily, my experiences with them turned out better than expected.

Monday: He was cute.  I wasn’t crazy about all the stuff he had us doing, and he admitted that he’d never really taught a class like this before.  He had us using gliders, so I appreciated getting to try something new.  And again, he was cute.

Wednesday/Friday: The substitute for this day actually gave waaaaaaay better instructions, and spent adequate time on the warm up and cool down. Honestly, I’d taken a class with this woman before and thereafter made it a plan never to cross paths with her again, but this for sure made me think differently (not going to her class tho).

All summer: The person who is supposed to be my study accountability partner is essentially no where to be found. At one point he was watching the World Cup, and then he went on a vacation–live your life but it kinda hurt–maybe I’m jealous.  The silver lining is that I’ve forced myself to just go to school and be my own study buddy.  I’ve watched a slew of tiny desk concerts (yasssss to Goldlink, Jorja Smith, Daniel Ceasar) and feel like it’s helped me to get into a routine.

Have your plans (fitness, academic or otherwise) gone astray this week?  If so, how have you recovered?

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