Grocery Haul: July 2018

Grand total: $85.50

This is a bit more than I usually spend, but given that I’m working in the library every day during the week, I bought a lot of snacks like raisins, dates, nuts, trail mix and instant coffee.  The nuts especially are relatively more expensive than the other things that I bought.






Highlight Buy: Instant coffee packets

I am by no means a coffee snob.  The most adventurous thing I’ve ever ordered at Starbucks was probably a white hot chocolate.  When I can’t get free coffee from school,  I order a small “tall” black coffee and add sugar–that’s it. My highlight for this month  buy is the TJ instant coffee packets because they get the job done-no frills just facts.

The instant packets from Trader Joe’s come with sugar and cream already included, which means that I don’t have to grab a handful of sugar packets from Starbucks.   I used to buy the instant packets from Starbucks, but the Trader Joe’s version costs $1.99 for ten packets, and it’s super convenient to just grab one from my desk when I need a little caffeine boost.

Until next month!

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