Therapy for Black Girls x Myleik Teele

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My pretend big sister, Myleik Teele, recently had Dr. Joy Harden Bradford PhD of Therapy for Black Girls as a guest on her My Taught You podcast.  I’m a strong advocate for therapy, individual and group, so when I heard that this collaboration was happening, my inner fangirl perked up.  The way that Myleik so openly talks, snaps, instagrams, etc. about going to therapy and how it has improved her overall quality of life has really been an inspiration for me over the years.

In terms of content, they hit on how to find a therapist, dealing with difficult family members, establishing boundaries, etc.  Even though a  big portion of it was about romantic relationships–listeners got to submit questions–I still felt like I got a lot out of it. What was great was that while someone may have submitted a question that they thought was only about dating, Dr. Harden Bradford picked up on other possible underlying issues like abandonment and low self esteem.  I also really appreciated how both of the speakers integrated culturally relevant considerations (lack of generational wealth, statistics about Black women’s marriage patterns, etc.) which makes therapy for Black girls a unique and necessary topic that must be explored on it’s own terms rather than thinking about it only in terms of therapy for women or for people of color (just finished reading some Kimberly Crenshaw).

In addition to Myleik’s podcast, My Taught You, which I’ve been listening to for years (no exaggeration) I’d also highly suggest, the Therapy for Black Girls podcast. Dr. Harden Bradford has recordings about perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and boundaries which would especially be useful to the Academic Muscle crowd but surely her content could speak to other areas of your life.  If you’re interested in starting therapy, sign up for the free resource that she provided by clicking here.

Once you listen, let me know what you thought.  Encouraged to find a therapist? Still have questions?  Could you love it or leave it?

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