The Yogis are Coming!

Three of my favorite Black yogi’s are coming to NYC this summer, and I won’t be going to see any of them. Why you ask? Their tickets are either miles out of my price range and/or sold out.   If you have the coins to spare, I’m sure it will be a good time if  slots are still available for your city.

Trap Yoga Baeeb3eef_25760152697c45a68f3f39b1cedd90b4_mv2

Trap Yoga Bae  is going to be around during Afro-Punk at the end of August.  Known for her love thy self and give no fucks approach to life and business, she has managed to expand the conversation around “how” and “who” practices yoga.  While I’ve seen a few videos and am not completely sold that having trap music as the soundtrack to my vinyasa would allow me to  walk away feeling as calm and centered, I wanted to give it a try.  Usually, her classes are more affordable with an early bird price of $15 and a regular price of $20.  I can justify that, but because she is so popular and her price are more affordable, the class is already sold out four months in advance.

Lady Dork


Lady Dork is going on her fifth tour and will be in NYC in early June.  I identify with because she started her yoga journey while getting her PhD in Environmental Engineering, so I was excited at the possibility of taking a class with her, but the $45 price tag was a bit of a shock.  I love her, so I tried to reason that the price made a bit more sense considering that the class is 2 hours.  Needless to say, the class is sold out.  To add, every date on her tour is sold out except for Chicago, so if you’re in that area, you should definitely get on that ASAP.

Hippie Heathen and Dade 2 Shelby3

Finally, Hippie Heathen and Dade 2 Shelby  are going to be at my beloved Prospect Park in the middle of July.  Their beautiful poses, hair, and melanin glistening…I could go on and on about how dope this couple is.   They are offering a number of different types of classes, including Acroyoga, Hips + Heart Soul Flow and one called Rooted in Power that will have a live DJ.  The classes range from 75-90 minutes, and while they aren’t yet sold out, the $40 price tag makes me cringe.  He’s fine but maybe not $40 fine, just saying.

Many of these figures and others like them say that a major part of their mission is about making yoga accessible to communities of color; however, it seems like that is easier in theory than in practice.   I wonder what type of people of color are actually showing up to these  events.  While a part of me understands that they are running a business and of course need to make a profit, I wish that maybe they had a set number of reduced price tickets available for students or people who’d like to attend but find it hard to make it because of financial strain.  I think that maybe a 30-minute community or donation based class would allow people to attend who otherwise wouldn’t be able to.  It’s quite possible that these yogis already host these types of reduced price events in their hometowns, I have no clue.

With that said,  I’m happy to see that these people’s classes have or will sell out, which means that somebody is able to attend, and that’s great.  Since I’m not one of those people, I’m content with knowing that  NYC is gearing up for a another great summer with these 3 yogis coming through.

Will you be attending any of these classes? How much are you willing to pay?


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