Grocery Haul: April 2018

During this month’s trip to Trader Joe’s, I spent a grand total of $84.85


While this was slightly more than I usually spend, I got most of the things that will help me get through the month.  I loaded up on my usuals: beans, grains, nuts, dried fruit, frozen vegetables and a few frozen Indian meals. I had to stop by a grocery store closer to my house to re-up on my heavy necessities like apple cider vinegar and olive oil.  I’ll explain  my approach to grocery shopping in a later post.

This trip, I was super excited that Trader Joe’s finally had jack fruit in stock (insert Oprah gif).  I bought two cans under the assumption that I’d successfully figure out how to cook it later.  Last month they didn’t have it, so I  called about a week later to see if they’d gotten a shipment, and I went to Whole Foods but all to no avail. To be honest, I’ve only ever had it once at a classmate’s cookout last summer, but ever since then, I’ve always been interested in trying to make it for myself.   I plan on making BBQ sandwiches, which will allow me to use the left over sauce I have from when I made ground turkey meatballs.  According to epicurious, jack fruit is a:

“Huge, nutritious, and plentiful in hot climates, jackfruit is a food well-suited to a warming world. Oh, and some vegans think it tastes like pulled pork.”

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I know that some people are against the idea of imitating meat when you could just eat the real thing; however, I always have a slight fear that I didn’t cook the meat thoroughly (not enough to make me buy a thermometer, though) or disinfect properly during clean up.  Moreover, meat is expensive.

I’m never crazy about going grocery shopping, but I think that I did well this time around.  Cheers to a productive April and hopes that by the time I post the May grocery haul, it will finally feel like spring in NYC.


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