Breaking Productively 2k18


While I planned to take it easy and have a “staycation” this Spring Break, I’m actually trapped at home because of a temporarily disfiguring cosmetic procedure #rookiemistake.   I’m choosing to see the fact that I’m being forced to occupy myself with myself as a blessing.  All things considered, I’m grateful to have this time to get some work done and also to reflect on the first quarter of 2018.  This season of my life has been a long, extensive and challenging lesson on breaking productively (read: trusting myself that pain and unexpected events are working for my good), so here is my attempt to keep that going.

So what have I been up to?????

For school related things,  I’ve done my fair share of reading about post-socialist states in Eurasia #sexy and put the final touches on my course’s final examination requirements.  I’ve really struggled this semester with prioritizing my own research, so that will be my priority going in to the week.  I have to prepare a presentation for an upcoming conference on my research from last summer, and I will continue reading for my qualifying exam next spring.  Essentially, time is moving faster than I can read, write and memorize.

In terms of health, and especially because I’m stuck in my apartment, my health goals are pretty simple.  I’ve been doing the Nike Training Club yoga workouts in the morning as part of my daily routine.  Also, I’m challenging myself to drink a gallon of water a day.  Honestly, I thought that it’d be harder than it is.  Today is day 3, and the worst thing is just that I’m using the restroom like every 30 minutes.  I’m sure my roommate probably thinks something is up (I’ll make sure to buy the next few rolls of t.p.).  Most of all, I’m enjoying the fact that I can indulge in self-care that I didn’t have to schedule.  I washed my hair today and did my nails.  It must be Spring Break.

I still have an entire week of Break ahead of me, so I hope to be still while I heal.  Here’s to breaking productively this spring 2018.


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