Strike a Pose

I know that yoga is supposed to be calming about practice rather than perfection, but there are some poses that I absolutely dread.  Last night, I went to yoga and when it came to pigeon pose, I was the one person squirming around watching everybody else who had their head down as they were “breathing into the pose.”  Over the years, I’ve gotten better by using a block and trying to do the pose for about 20 seconds on each side when I’m stretching after a workout, but it is still pretty uncomfortable.  In an effort to be more intentional about my yoga practice I’ve outlined my top 3 favorites,  frustrations and fun poses.


  1. Triangle Pose- I could do this all day
  2. Happy Baby-It’s fun
  3. Dancer-It’s Beautiful


  1. Pigeon Pose
  2. Standing Extended leg touching your toe pose–trying to describe it hurts
  3. Headstands


  1. Bird of Paradise
  2. Sage Twist


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