Leaving it in 2017…

If I had to choose one health related thing to leave in 2017, it would be under-eating, hands down.

Last night, I was up from 3:30 am -7:30 am because I decided to be a beast at the gym and then eat like a bird at home.  In the time that I was awake, I had to eat half a bag of veggie sticks, a bagel, banana and a slice of sweet potato pie in order to finally be lulled back to sleep.  While, I am fortunate that I could use the time to learn about retirement investment options, I would’ve preferred to sleep through the night.  The unfortunate thing is that it messes with my schedule for the rest of the day because I didn’t wake up from my second sleep until 12 pm.  I’m on winter break, so it’s not that big of an issue, but when this happens, and I have class or some meeting, I am not a happy camper.

It’s really not a conscious thing, which is why I need to be more intentional about eating snacks and meals at regular intervals throughout the day.

So, here are the necessary small goals to make this happen….

  • Cook things that I’m excited about eating–I want to buy the Skinny Taste Cookbook
  • Snacks on snacks on snacks–Get serious about shopping at Trader Joe’s once a month to buy nuts and various veggies that I can eat on the go
  • Three meals and three snack schedule

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