When you’re the only one…again


I’m reminded of my race, age, gender and immense privilege every time I step into the gym.  I get excited when I see another black woman working out, but I’m also equally disappointed that the majority of people of color at the facility are the ones behind the front desk scanning membership cards and cleaning the locker rooms.

I’m usually the only one–at school, at the gym, at Spanish conversation hour…shall I continue?

This article was circulated in one of my online networks, and it’s something that I constantly come back to because it’s affirmation that what I’m seeing and feeling is not all in my head.

One of my favorite quotes:

“Looking back at the Google image search of “fit woman,” we can see a recurring image of a white woman with low body fat, visible muscles, an hourglass figure, no visible physical disabilities, feminine characteristics, and trendy workout gear, with access to well-equipped gyms. There is a particular aesthetic that is associated with being a fit woman that we have been told represents fitness, and while these women are arguably fit, it renders invisible the multitudes of women who embody fitness but don’t reflect those images in any way.  
When we step into a gym, onto the sidewalk for a run, or into a grocery store to buy food for our meal prep, we bring along with us complex identities that influence the choices we make or that determine whether or not we even have those choices.”

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