Giving Thanks for Yoga

While most people were probably handling last minute Thanksgiving shopping and traveling,  I was trying to get centered and to remind myself that I do indeed have something to be thankful for by going to yoga.  Through some crazy turn of events, which will hopefully all make sense at some point in the future, I spent the holiday alone.  It’s not as bad as it sounds, but I knew that getting out of the house and getting some human contact was important.  I gladly took a break from my daunting to-do list (conferences, final papers, reflections, grants……) to do something good for myself.  Despite the fact that the instructor gave movements like a game of “simon says” and some older guy in the very front sounded like he was snoring every time he took a vinyasa, I walked out feeling a little bit lighter. This season of my life–one month and counting– seems to be about teaching me how to be present and really just trying to focus on living each day.  Yoga helps me to be intentional about being in the moment in a way that other fitness or dance classes don’t and for that I’m grateful.

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