When you feel like you can’t

So…..having been in proposal-writing purgatory for the last few weeks, I’ve been a pretty textbook example of a hot mess.  On top of academic responsibilities, I’ve also had my fair share of personal issues.  Sigh….all I want to eat are grilled fish burritos, and I’m oscillating between the two taco spots at either end of my block.  I’ve spent more time window shopping on the FashionNova website than I’d like to admit.  I’ve asked for extensions on assignments which provide immediate momentary respite, but only put them off until I have other things due.  I don’t like rushing through time, but I sure will be happy when I turn my final paper in on December 20th.  #Jesusbeafence

I am tired.

I am tired, but I am also grateful.  Last month, I did my first paid speaking gig as an academic, and I have another speaking engagement in about a week.  My mentor, who taught me in my first semester and who’s class I’m taking in my last semester says that she sees improvement in my writing, and coming from her, it means a hell of a lot.

I laid in bed for an hour this morning.

If you woke up too late to go to your usual fitness class.  If you don’t have any more clean workout clothes.  If you don’t feel like dealing with strangers.  If you have more reading than you can wrap your mind around.  I get it.

I started by drinking a glass of water.  I finally cleaned up my room, lit a candle and did my favorite 13 minute workout.  I swear by this video and know it so well (even where the instructor makes a mistake—see nobody’s perfect) that I can put it on mute and blast my favorite Spotify workout playlist: Hip Hop Workout Mix while I follow along with the moves.  Nothing like some Fetty Wap and Champagne Papi in the morning.

Be encouraged y’all, and know that when you can’t do everything, you can still do something.

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