Mental Health & Fitness

While I was procrastinating from doing my physical anthro readings, I stumbled upon Massy Arias on Instagram– I found her baby’s page first, but anyways–I wanted to share this video because it highlights the intersection of fitness and mental health.  In the academy,  mental health is a serious issue that doesn’t get nearly enough attention as it deserves.  Many students suffer from depression, anxiety and a host of other conditions brought on by the stresses of higher education. While there are more studies focused on the undergraduate level, there’s far less research done on the graduate student experience (S. A. Benton, Robertson, Tseng, Newton, & Benton, 2003).  Fitness has been a great outlet for me to relieve stress, stay active and also to ensure that I get some human contact by having one of my classmates as my gym buddy.   In this video, Massy talks about how fitness allows her to manage depression and to counteract the stressors brought on by financial hardship, unrealistic beauty standards and immigration. Pa’lante!


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